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The Freebird is rated for all skill levels because it can handle the learning process of the beginner, but it is really intended as your next sport kite with much higher performance capabilities than our beginner sport kite designs. The Freebird is an excellent introduction to "slack line trick flying" because its design is similar to our more advanced sport kites. In higher winds, it's blinding fast tight spins and incredible buzzing sound makes this kite fun and exciting for any level. Performs best in 5 to 20 mph winds. The key to this kite is that it has a slower forward speed than most kites this size which makes it a good higher wind kite. Its frame is light, so it also flies in lighter winds with ease.

Wingspan: 74"x33"
Windrange: 5 - 20 MPH
Sail: Ripston Nylon
Frame: Solid carbon
Includes: 65ft of 100 lbs. Dyneema kite line on winder with fly straps, Carry case with fold over pocket to hold flight lines