Mini Compass Rose (CR2) Mesh Quad Information

The smaller sibling of the original CR Mesh Quad, the CR2 is the newest addition to the Mesh Quad family. 

Ready to get your own? Here's your basic info: 

  • This kite has a 72" wingspan and flies significantly faster than the original 93" CR Mesh Quad. 
  • With over 400 CR and CR2 Mesh Quads made, you'll work with Eliot to design the perfect sail for you. The colors will depend on availability, and Eliot will help ensure that your colors are perfectly balanced with neutral tones. No two kites look alike (although Eliot will tell you a story about the ONE time he duplicated a sail), so when your kite is done you'll know it's truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Each kite takes at least 20 hours to produce, and is sewn in our kite studio at the shop. Please allow at least 2-4 weeks lead time for production, Eliot will advise at time of order what the current timeline looks like. Production time will vary based on a countless factors, including kites already ordered and traffic in the kite shop. 
  • A custom CR2 is $450 (including frame). As of 2023, the CR2 is only made with the French Bridle. 
  • To see a catalog of the CR and CR2 mesh quads made, check out this album on our facebook page! 

CR2 Mesh Quad - 6 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF not available yet, coming soon!)

    CR2 Mesh Quad

    If you're interested in the "original" 93" version, please click on the CR information page! 

    Ready to get yours ordered? Call or email, and Eliot will work with you on your custom CR Mesh Quad!