Inflatables, Parafoils and Sleds

Inflatable kites are known for their ease of flight without complicated framework. Most have no framing at all, although some sleds do utilize lightweight frames to maintain the shape in flight. They are especially well suited for anyone packing their kite in a suitcase for travel. 

FSK tip for parafoils and sleds! These are the easiest to put together and pack into the smallest packages! Follow instructions to ensure that your bridle is on the correct side of the kite, and attach tails if they're included in the package (some need a tail for stability, others don't, this will vary on a kite-by-kite basis).  

Many limited run or one-of-a-kind items are available in the shop but may be difficult to track both online and in-store. To help ensure that all customers are being best served, we are limiting online listings to ensure that you're getting real time availability. Call or email any time, and we'll respond ASAP! 

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