Did you find us on TikTok?

Welcome to folks interested in kites! If you found us on TikTok, we're guessing you might have a lot of questions, especially if you're new to kites! We've put together a little info for you to help lead the way! 

First, what are those super controlled kites you've seen on most of our videos? If you're wondering about the 4 line kites that look kind of like bow ties, chances are that you've seen one of the custom kites that Eliot makes here in the shop! Here's links to the pages telling you more about these kites, their origin, and options if you are interested in buying one.

But! Here's the thing. If you're new to all of this, you should be aware that these are high end custom kites and we don't actually recommend that they're your first quad! We recommend a more affordable solid sail kite as your first kite for a number of reasons. For one, the wind range will be such that the kite will fly in lower to middle winds while pulling enough that you can feel the kite response in your hands! Plus, chances are that you're gonna crash the kite a lot while you're learning. THIS IS NORMAL! So, why would you spend more money on a fancy custom item when you know you're gonna beat it up? This is a great kite to learn how to fly on, and then keep around for low to average wind days. 

All of that comes to our recommendation! We carry the Vertigo, made by oskusa, and really love the value of this kite. It's well made, with really stable flight characteristics. This is a kite that's fantastic for an entry level flyer but will also satisfy a intermediate to experienced flyer on the days that the winds call for it (roughly 4-15mph). There's also a vented version, called the Vertigo Max, and this version would be good if you're in 8-25mph winds.

With all of these kites, you'll need to add line and handles. We recommend starting with the 14" handles and 85' line to get started. We also recently got a great package set that you can pick up with line and handles included together! 

If you've been watching groups of people flying, we call that "team flying" or "flying on the line". They are flying on 120' linesets. Many of us find those a bit long for flying solo, but they give an ideal wind window for many kites to fly together in synchronization. 

But... what if these kites are more than you actually want to take on right now? 

Thats totally normal. We recommend a couple great options for dual line sport kites. Watch the quick tiktok about them here

And then you can head over to dual line kites and pick one out! 

And lastly, if you really want to sit down while you fly a kite, maybe even drink a beer while you're enjoying it all? Head on over to single line kites and grab your favorite one. We love Deltas to start off in kite flying, but really, take a look around and find something that you love. Chances are, we can give you advice to help you get your new kite in the air! 

Because we're a small family business and the website is 100% manually entered and tracked, this website only has a fraction of the kites that we've got in the shop! If you want more options, give us a call or email and we can tell you about more of the options that we've got in stock!