Flight Academy - Anatomy

Welcome to Flight Academy! Your stop to find out everything you need to know kite related. 

Our first lesson is kite parts! 

Most kites share similar part names - the leading edge, the spine, spreaders. But you'll find that they do vary from kite to kite. 

Lets start with single line kites! 



There are other styles of single line kites, please let us know if you need help identifying part names on these styles. For example, cellular kites in particular have too many styles to draw and label parts, but if you refer to the parts as "spars" and "connectors", we'll understand!

Next up is the family of multi line kites!

Multi line kites (also known as sport kites) have similar parts as single lines, with the addition of a few more. 

Dual line:

Quad line:

Last, you'll find foil kites. We are not including a diagram since these kites require sewing repairs and we do not offer these services at this time.

Come back to the Flight Academy for future lessons! We are in the process of creating educational videos and more written content.