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Magic sticks are named for a reason! They've changed quad flight and are used for:

  • Parking a kite without having to stake it down (leave your kite inverted to keep it parked! Works with all lengths.)
  • Stiffening the vertical rods on your kite. This can assist in increasing the wind range without blowing out your verticals (12" are all you need if this is your goal, but the 16-18" also work!)
  • With longer rods, you can also add on a variety of slack line tricks that would not be as easily possible without this exaggerated 3rd dimension (16-18")
  • If you enjoy night flight, they are the best way to attach LED lights to your kite with ease. (All lengths)

 They are available as follows:

12" - 93" and 72" Quads (CR Mesh Quad / Rev 1.5 size and CR2 Mesh Quad / Rev II size)

16" - 93" Quad (CR Mesh Quad / Rev 1.5 size), Djinn

18" - 108" Quad (Rev I / Zen size)