Tails, Wind Art and Universal Kite Accessories

This is where you'll look for anything that can be attached to a kite or to add a pop of color to your ground display! Kite tails, line laundry, feather banners and windsocks, plus all the poles and accessories to go with them! 

FSK tip on tails: Not all kites need a tail, but many have loops built in to allow for the added color and stability that a tail can provide. Be sure your tail is balanced on your kite! If you add just one, add it to the middle of the kite (at the base of the spine). Multiple tails should be balanced equally between the right and left sides of the kite. Tails can add a really fun effect when attached to a dual or quad line kite, too!

FSK tip on line laundry: Line laundry is sometimes big and sometimes small, and can often be attached at the attachment point for tails on the kite or used as decoration along your flight line. Be sure to pay attention to your wind conditions and area of your kite to determine how much laundry your kite can lift! If you're new to line laundry, be sure to reach out so we can answer all of your questions! 

Many limited run or one-of-a-kind items are available in the shop but may be difficult to track both online and in-store. To help ensure that all customers are being best served, we are limiting online listings to ensure that you're getting real time availability. Call or email any time, and we'll respond ASAP! 

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