Rainbow Rider 2M Delta

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The Delta Rainbow Rider 2M is the most tie dyed kite you will ever fly.  This large 83' x 39" colorful tie-dye delta is sure to turn heads as it soars over them.  Built from durable fiberglass and polyester, this kite has a very wide wind range of 5-24 mph.  The Delta Rainbow Rider is the perfect kite for anyone from a beginner to advanced skill levels.  Show your inner hippie and fly high with the Rainbow Rider!


- 1 Tie Dye corkscrew tail 

- 2 Rainbow streamer tails 6' each

- 200' of 100 lb. high quality test kite line on spool

  WIDTH:   210 cm / 83"
  HEIGHT:   98 cm / 39"
  MATERIAL:   Ripstop-Polyester
  FRAME:   6 mm Fiberglass
  LINE INCLUDED:   Polyester 45kp/100lb ; 60m/200ft
  WIND RANGE:   2-5 Bft (8-38km/hr ; 5-24 mph)
  AGE:   10+