19' Arrow Delta

Flying Smiles Kites

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Made by Premier Kites, this kite is HUGE! It's in great condition, showing very minor signs of wear. The wingtips and bridle show no wear, and the bag only shows that it's been stored for a bit. The sail is crispy and bright, and the graphic pops in the sky! 

We're including a 50' tube tail for free with this kite! We recommend flying this kite on at least 500# line. The previous owner recalls flying one of these 19' Deltas on 1000# line with tons of big line laundry attached, so we recommend erring on the side of caution when picking your flight line. 

Note: the kite frame has 11 sticks total. The 3 leading edge sticks are already in the leading edge on each side (6 total). Of the remaining 5 sticks, 4 are the same length and 1 is short. The short stick goes to the middle of the spine. Last photo shows this.