Spools of Sport Kite Line


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If you're looking to make your own line sets, you'll need line and a sleeving kit. You've got various options in line, including finish and strength. Speed line and Skybond are both made by Shanti, and are (in our opinion) the best options on the market. We use Skybond to stretch linesets in-house. 

Whats the difference between skybond and speed line? From Shanti: "This is the classic oranges vs. apples question.  Both lines have similar low-stretch and performance characteristics and choosing which line is best for you will largely come down to how the line “feels.”  Many flyers like Speed line because it has a “soft-finish” and it wears 3 to 5 times longer than other high-performance lines.  But for flyers who like coated lines, our new Skybond is as revolutionary as the original was, 32 years ago.  It is more slippery than any coated line on the market and its high modulus fibers make it thinner than even Speed line in comparable weights.  Skybond is made in USA and is available in all the same options as Speed line."