Compass Rose (CR) Mesh Quad Information

What inspired the Compass Rose Mesh Quad?

Did you know where the Compass Rose Mesh Quad came from? Cath has always LOVED design elements of architecture and art and when she flew Willi Koch's 11 foot mesh delta and realized it didn't pull as hard as other large deltas, she thought to herself "...what if?" Obsessed with this idea of a kite that flew well with less pull, she started to design. She was told "it won't work" by so many people, but she kept thinking "this could work!!!" Within weeks, the first Compass Rose Mesh Quad was built in 2007. Cath did most of the initial sewing, and Eliot's obsession with machines led him to take over the production work soon thereafter. There are now over 300 Compass Rose Mesh Quads in the air! 

Ready to get your own? Here's your basic info: 

  • This kite has a 93" wingspan and is available in 6 different configurations. You'll find a list of these options at the end of this page. 
  • The standard bridle is most commonly used, but contact us if you're interested in the French bridle. It's used roughly 10% of the time and we can help you decide which is best for your flight style.
  • With over 350 unique kites made, you'll work with Eliot to design the perfect sail for you. The colors will depend on availability, and Eliot will help ensure that your colors are perfectly balanced with neutral tones. No two kites look alike (although Eliot will tell you a story about the ONE time he duplicated a sail), so when your kite is done you'll know it's truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Each kite takes at least 20 hours to produce, and is sewn in our kite studio at the shop. Please allow at least 2-4 weeks lead time for production, Eliot will advise at time of order what the current timeline looks like. Production time will vary based on a countless factors, including kites already ordered and traffic in the kite shop. 
  • Wind ranges will depend on a number of factors. Because there is less weight to the kite (the venting is empty space, NOT filled with mesh), wind ranges will be lower than you would expect. Also, how is the kite framed? Is the flyer accustomed to low wind flight? If yes, they will be pleasantly surprised with the lower wind range. Due to these factors, CR mesh quads don't have posted wind ranges.
  • Pricing ranges from $500-$575:
    $500 - kite only (no frame)
    +$50 - skyshark frame
    +$25 - french bridle  

Sail options

There are 6 versions of the CR mesh quad - each with a variety of sail strip widths and spacing to determine the amount of venting for the kite. They range from 40% - 240%. To see a catalog of the CR and CR2 mesh quads made, check out this album on our facebook page! 

The 100% has roughly the same vented area as the full vent 93" quad (commonly know in the market as the Rev 1.5). All other versions are a percentage of the open area, relative to the 100%.  So, roughly speaking, the 40% has the same venting as a traditional "mid vent". The 240 is our equivalent to a mega-vent. 

40% - 7 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF available for at home colorizing)
40% CR Mesh Quad

75% - 7 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF available for at home colorizing)
75% CR Mesh Quad

100% - 8 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF available for at home colorizing)
100% CR Mesh Quad

135% - 9 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF available for at home colorizing)
135% CR Mesh Quad

175% - 7 strips vertical and horizontal. (PDF not available yet, coming soon!)
175% CR Mesh Quad

240% - 7 strips vertical and 6 horizontal. (PDF not available yet, coming soon!)
240% CR Mesh Quad

Ready to get yours ordered? Call or email, and Eliot will work with you on your custom CR Mesh Quad! 

If you're interested in the "mini" 72" version, please click on the CR2 information page