Ashworth's Unfair Advantage (AUA) Information

The original designer of this kite was Dave Ashworth. Dave built the originals as indoor only kites using Orcon for the sail. The current design was conceived by Paul LaMasters as a more durable indoor OR outdoor "no wind/low wind" version of Dave's base design.

These kites are being built by Eliot using Icarex as the base sail material with a SkyShark P90 leading edge rods and 0.125" carbon tube vertical rods. Paul's innovative "Staffordshire bridle" is built from Shanti 90# Speedline. The kite structure has been supplemented with a center "X-brace" along with pair of independent "magic sticks".

NEW FOR 2022! Kite also included a pair of P90 outer vertical rods, interchangable with the .125" rods. These P90 outer rods are for outdoor flight. Recommended wind range up to 3mph. 

Named "AUA" by our friends in the Wings Over Washington Kite Club, the Ashworth Unfair Advantage is the latest WOW-inspired product from the Flying Smiles kite studio.

A custom AUA costs $400 (complete with frame). To see a catalog of the AUAs made, check out this album on our facebook page! 


Ready to get yours ordered? Call or email, and Eliot will work with you on your custom kite!