Rainbow Octopus Kite (Large Size)

HQ Kites

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This colorful kite is sure to please with magnificent and realistic looking graphics along with amazing flight performance.  The inflatable bodies of these creatures look great in the sky and are easy to lauch and fly.



 New Easy Clip - easy "no knot" line attachment

No need to fuss with knots, just attach the easy clip onto the bridal point and your ready to fly.





  WIDTH:   120 cm / 47"
  HEIGHT:   480 cm / 189"
  MATERIAL:   Ripstop-Polyester
  FRAME:   N/A
  LINE INCLUDED:   Polyester 35kp/80lb ; 40m/130ft
  WIND RANGE:   2-5 Bft (8-38km/hr ; 5-24 mph)
  AGE:   8+