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  • SIMPLE DESIGN - FUELS CREATIVITY: One shape, endless possibility! Every brick easily connects to the next. Create colorful flat mosaics or work in 3-D to make more intricate builds. Mix and match any Plus-Plus set to bring more ideas to life!
  • STEM | STEAM Toy: Plus-Plus empowers children with free explorative play as they encourage fine motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination all without the use of screens. Part engineering, part art, with a bit of math and a whole lot of FUN!
  • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: Design and build your creations any way you want, wherever you want! Great for every adventure – car rides, restaurants, a friend’s house, or in your own living room. Stay entertained for hours!
  • BUILDING SET INCLUDES: Tubes contain 70 or 240 pieces and an Idea Guide Booklet for building. The perfect product to expand your Plus-Plus collection!
  • TRAVEL CASE INCLUDES: 100 assorted pieces, travel case, and one baseplate builder. 
  • BASEPLATE DUO INCLUDES: 2 baseplates
  • OCEAN BASEPLATE BUILDER INCLUDES: 1 baseplate and an assortment of pieces and ideas for an ocean scene. 
  • SUGGESTED FOR AGES 5-12: Each Plus-Plus piece measures 3/4" x 1/2". Appeals to a broad range of ages! Made from high quality BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. Made in Denmark.

We carry tubes in 70 and 240 piece assortments. We also have baseplate options, and a travel case. Select the item you're looking for from the drop down menu.