Mobi Games

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Do you love Banagrams? Then you'll love Mobi! It's the same basic game play when numbers instead of words! 

  • Objective: Help build confidence and social skills in children but engages the entire family young and old by teaching and reinforcing basic math skills in a cool entertaining game setting. Parents and teachers will love this for beginner’s.
  • How To Play: Each player selects one set of number tiles. Each toy set contains the exact same numbers. Players then connect their number tiles to form equations using operation tiles. The first player to connect all their number tiles wins!
  • What It Does: Works to balance, build and improve early brain skills in arithmetic, cooperative play, visual processing, sequential thought, focus & attention, recognition & identification, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Genius!
  • What's Included: Packed in whale pouch bag that includes square tiles and instructions. Includes activity booklet full of mini games that offers step by step strategy towards game play. Great motivation for learning!
  • Ages 8+. 
  • Designed for solo or group play up to 4 players and will provide hours of fun for the whole family! It's perfect for home, school, or travel and can be played anywhere with a flat surface!