Hoffmans Canard Delta

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With its impressive long tail, Hoffmann's Canard Delta makes for an impressive appearance in the sky. The canard sail, used in a Delta for the first time, gives Hoffmann's Canard Delta a smooth and balanced flight behaviour. This amazing single-line kite has a modified attachment of the flying line to the keel that allows a quick adjustment to changing wind conditions.

-Does not come with flying line

About the Designer;

Born in 1964, Rainer Hoffmann discovered his addiction to Kiteflying during 1986 in St. Peter Ording. After building his first "regular" kite he quickly proceeded with his own unique designs. He finished 1st place several times during the German Championships since 1997 and already publishes his own assembly manuals. All kites of Rainer Hoffmann truly convince through tremendous creativity and beautiful designs.

Kite Specs

Large Canard Deltas measure 116" x 65" and are framed in 6mm carbon. 4-18mph wind range, 100-150# flight line recommended. Includes tails. 

 Small Canard Deltas measure 75"x44" and are framed in 4mm carbon. 7-24mph wind range, 80# flight line recommended. Includes tails. 

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