FSK Day Bag

Flying Smiles Kites

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Made here in the shop by Cassie, these day bags have been a labor of love (and lots of prototypes!)

Designed around quad line kites, base body is tall enough for quads with an added extension of the pocket fabric to the top to give it lots of extra space. Can hold roughly 5 or 6 kites. 6 is pushing it if there's lots of line and handles in the pockets. Designed to hold a handle in each pocket with a handful of linesets and other accessories.  Pockets are roughly 15" tall with a snap closure. 

Like other items made by the Shook family, these are one of a kind. You may occasionally see a duplicate if supplies allow for it, but we consider each of these bags one of a kind. As a result, please contact us when you're ready to purchase to find out which bags are ready to ship, or what fabrics you can choose between to design your own! Photos shown are examples from the first batch and some are currently available! 

You may want to give it a spray of scotch guard to help with water resistance! 

Closures include draw string at the top and snap on the pockets. One adjustable strap on the side.