Vertigo Quad


Normaler Preis $225.00

A fantastic quad for only $225! Perfect for a new quad flyer or an all around kite to round out the experienced flyers bag. 

All models of OSKUSA quadline kites feature sails sewn by master artisans.

Dyneema and Dacron bonded no fray leading edge. Invisiclear-no grind, no stretch, anti-wear strips. Kevlar center reinforcement. HP Core, sheathed, round braid, black bridle. T2 wrapped graphite frame included. Ripstop polyester sail. 

Fold top canvas sleeve with mesh pocket. Extra endcap and bungee included.

Kite only, you will need to purchase line and handles separately! If you're new to quads, go ahead and pick up our starter pack, that comes with 85' lines and a set of handles!