Cassidy Labs

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The Classic Toy is Back!
The Foxtail has been a backyard favorite since the late 80’s. This classic toy removes the need for gloves or mitts - just swing to throw and catch by the tail!

Easy to throw up to 50 yards, this compact toy offers an expansive playing experience. With a variety of games that can be played, Foxtails are a great reason to get active, improve hand-eye coordination, and engage with others!

What's the Story? Didn't Klutz used to make these?
Yes they did! Good memory. In 2002, Klutz became a part of Scholastic Inc. Since Scholastic is a book publishing company, they discontinued Klutz's toy line -- even the Top Sellers.

Luckily, about 10 years later, the son of Klutz's founder decided to start Cassidy Labs. Nostalgic for the classic toy we all grew up with, Cassidy Labs worked closely with the original inventor and manufacturers to bring back the old toy, good as new! From there, they went on to innovate new versions as well, now producing Foxtails for dogs, and light-up versions for night time play.