CR Hata

Flying Smiles Kites

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Did you know that Cath built the first CR Mesh Quad? It's true! 

Over the years, she's focused her attention on the shop, but she never forgot how much she enjoyed working with ripstop!

During the winter of 2020, Cath started to play with some ideas that started at a kite building workshop led by Ricky and Susan Tuttle and Kip Clements.  The beautiful result is the CR Hata. With her passion for art history (and a nod to Robert Brasington), she's put a compass rose in a stained glass effect onto a 27"x28" Hata kite. 

Contact us to find out what colors are currently available. We are not listing them by color on the web to ensure we're telling you the most current availability. You may also contact us for a custom order!

Details about the kite: 

It's a high flyer with a 10' complementary fuzzy tail included. It's a rock solid flight with the tail attached, perfect for a beginning. If you remove the tail, you've transformed the kite into an advanced kite that can be flown as an International Style Sport Kite. (Contact us if you need a translation for what that means!)

Recommended wind range is roughly 3-25mph, although we still need to test the highest end of that range! We don't recommend flying it in "kite breaking" wind, but we think it'll be fine in 25ish. If you break the kite in high wind, please advise us -what was the wind blowing? The first person to break the kite due to high wind will get full bragging rights in this space! Good luck! 

Includes: signed kite with matching tail, kite line and deluxe kite sleeve.