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In excellent "like new" condition, the only sign that this kite has been flown is the sand on the sail! 

The HQ Jam Session Rainbow Retro dual line stunt kite is probably the top selling stunt and trick kite of all time. This kite enabled trick flying to conquering the world. Thousands of kiters have done their first axels with the Jam Session kite. Countless others have gotten to know this kite as a brisk, flexible and reliable kite. The best part is this kite will perform in winds as low as 3 mph

Kite Type: The HQ Retro Jam Session Rainbow is spunky flyer for very low wind areas

Kite Sail: 100% Ripstop Nylon

Kite Frame: 6 mm Carbon

Frame Kite Size: 223 cm by 104 cm

Kite Wind Range: 3- 24 MPH