CAKE information for attendees

First of all - thanks for signing up for CAKE (The Carolina Kitebuilding Event). It'll start on Friday March 8 at 3pm eastern, and run through Sunday March 10 at 2:30pm eastern. After the workshop concludes on Sunday, we'll head to the beach to fly our new creations, and have a group dinner afterwards. 

If you haven't already, please send your $125 registration to:

Paypal: (Catherine Shook) Please send as "Friends and Family" or add an additional $5 to cover the fees related to "Goods and Services"

Check: Made out to Flying Smiles Kites and mailed to PO Box 247 Corolla NC 27927

Ok, now to the point of this page! We're coming up on it, so key details from the instructors follow in the coming paragraphs. Please read it all over and contact any of us (Cassie, Andy and Craig) if you have questions. Please be sure to check your email. We've already sent information about the workshops in January. For Andy's class - there will be plenty of scrap material in the room to share, and some yardage that can purchased from fellow kitebuilders, but you'll want to bring fabric if you've got it! 

Basic supplies needed:

  1. A sewing machine. Please ensure that it's fully functional before the workshop. We will have a few loaners on hand, but these should be reserved for emergency needs!
  2. Lots of extra needles. We use "Sharp" needles on ripstop, so check your package the make sure they're the right kind. (No ballpoint or jersey needles please)
  3. Extra thread (we recommend polyester thread. Gutermann is great, but some machines prefer other brands. Please bring the best thread for your machine!) 
  4. Colorful thread, too! These projects allow for a lot of creativity. You'll want thread to match your cell colors, sail colors and applique colors for the sled, and can match your pennant banners too. (Don't forget bobbins)
  5. Scissors - regular and applique
  6. An extension cord (we don't know how far it is from the tables to the power sources!)
  7. Any supplies that you want to show the other kitebuilders that you find are handy!


Workshop 1 - Craig Rodgerson Compass Rose Sled Kite

Please bring $50 (cash) to the workshop to give directly to Craig.

You should have received this in your email already - but please respond to Craig ASAP if you haven't already. 

Color Choices-
I recommend BLACK for the main sail color as most other colors seem to
POP and show brighter against black. The appliqué technique we will be using shows a black outline on the Compass Rose on Front AND Back. Choosing a color other than black adds an EXTRA layer and more steps in "back cutting."
Thread colors: Bring thread (and full bobbin) of:
Color you have chosen for the rear cells
Color you have chosen for the edge binding
If you have any questions regarding color choices, send them to me in an email.
Main sail color
(Choose one)
Rear Cells Colors (Choose One)
(this is also one of the two colors in the
Compass Rose Appliqué)

Ocean Blue
Neon Green
Neon Blue
Dark Blue
Flo Raspberry
Photos of colors are digital and not 100% accurate. All fabrics are Texlon Nylon except Flo Raspberry (Challenge FiberMax)
Edge Binding Colors (Choose One)
Flo Pink
Dark Blue
Photos of colors are digital and not 100% accurate. All fabrics are Texlon Nylon except Flo Raspberry (Challenge FiberMax)
The sleds have 2 sets of tails
Each set is
One piece of 1" by 10 ft (WHITE)
One piece of 1" by 10 ft (Second Color-Your Choice from rolls at workshop)
The colors available in 10' lengths for secondary color in tails is limited.
Choose from the colors and I will email back a confirmation if the tail colors
are available.

Sail Color: ______________________________________

Rear Cells Color and
Primary Appliqué:__________________________________

Secondary Appliqué Color:__________________________
Edge Binding Color:________________________________
Secondary Tail Color:______________________________


Workshop 2 - Andy Burchfield Pennant Banners

Please bring $35 (cash) to the workshop to give directly to Andy

This is a fantastic workshop for using scrap materials! Andy, Craig and the Shooks are  bringing limited yardage that you can buy, or you can also order from the resources provided (check your email!). A few examples of choices you could make
Material needs and banner pole info follows. Please check your email for this information in a handy spreadsheet with links to vendors. Additionally, we will have Dacron Edge Binding Tape and some Grosgrain Ribbon on hand. You may want to bring your own ribbon if you have specific colors in mind. 
1 Telescoping Pole ** Height is at your discretion but 10-13 feet recommended
(4) 1 yard of each color 3/4 Ripstop Nylon (54" or 60" wide) (You can upgrade to 1.5oz for longer banner life)
12 yards 1" Nylon Tape
2 yards (40" total Needed) 3" Edge Binding Dacron Tape
2 Colors 3/8"x21' Grosgrain Solid Ribbon 
2 Colors 5/8"x21' Grosgrain Solid Ribbon
Beacon Adhesives Fabric Tac Permanent Adhesive
Ribbon info: 
In the image, black and yellow ribbons are 5/8", red and white are 3/8". You'll pick your ribbon colors based on your banner. The colors shown are examples. 
Suggested sewing materials in addition to what's listed above:
1/8" or 1/4" double sided tape. Alternatively - Andy suggests the following glues if you'd prefer to use glue.
(Note - when shopping at these stores, definitely look for a coupon when buying it. These supplies can add up fast!)
applique scissors
a lighter
a hot knife if you've got one.
A good rotary cutter or other cutting implement for cutting banner panels
A rule (we recommend a metal ruler at least 12-18" long)
A cutting mat (2'x3' would work)