10 Best Games of 2021!

It's been a great year at Flying Smiles Kites, and we wanted to share our top games from the year! You can pick these up on our website (stock levels permitting!) and be sure to have a great game night! 

  • Katamino
    A never ending puzzle! From year to year, this continues to be one of our best sellers! We've even got a travel size and 2 player family version! 
  • Buildzi
    New in 2020, this game is SO GOOD! Combining concepts of Tetris and Jenga, this is a great vertical building race. 
  • Tenzi
    If you love Yahtzee, you'll really love Tenzi! A fast playing dice game where you're racing to beat everyone else. A great game to add your own house rules too, to! 
  • Slapzi
    Made by the creators of Buildzi and Tenzi, Slapzi is a fast play card game with the goal of getting rid of your cards first. Get ready to laugh as your family and friends argue why their card wins the round! 
  • Walk like a Chicken
    Our #1 selling game for the littles! Hide pieces around the house and send them on a scavenger hunt. Here's the catch - they have to walk like the thing they're looking for! Our best seller every year for the toddlers! 
  • Rummikub
    A classic for decades, but undiscovered by many lovers of Rummy! If you love Rummy, this is the game for you! 
  • Photosynthesis
    Recommended by a very enthusiastic young man last fall, we brought this in and it's become a favorite! If you love tabletop games like Catan, you'll LOVE this game! Build your beautiful forest while blocking other players from building theirs. 
  • MindTrap
    A fantastic cooperative game where you work as a team to solve puzzles, mysteries, brain teasers, conundrums and trick questions. A great game for a group that loves a mind game!  
  • Utter Nonsense
    Do you love a silly game? If the answer is yes, then you want to check out Utter Nonsense! A game that combines funny phrases and silly accents to make sure everyone is laughing by the end of the game! 
  • Yikerz!
    Challenge the forces of nature with magnetic, strategic fun. Strategically position your magnets to avoid attracting other magnets. The object is to get rid of all your pieces, and how you set up your board will affect whether the game is easy or hard to win! 

Honorable mentions:

  • Tri-ominos
    Better than Dominos! Trust us! 
  • Mastermind
    Cassie has dubbed this "my FAVORITE game that I remember playing back in the day!!" A great 2 player game that has a code maker and a code breaker, each trying to outsmart the other! 
  • Bananagrams
    Similar to scrabble, but no board! Your goal is to get rid of your tiles first. No points!