Phoenix Pro

Glued to the Blue

Normaler Preis $345.00

The Phoenix Pro range has been techincally developed and designed for individual and team flyers. After Spending years listening, flying and testing with you, Bazzer brings us The Phoenix Pro Range. Demonstrating the latest accuracy and technological advancements in Quad line flying and construction.


  • No Snag bridle.
  • Wear strips on sail and leading edge fold points.
  • Frayless leading edge.
  • Static vertical attachment.
  • Precise and balanced construction ensuring matching grain direction.
  • Quality assured product using the highest quality parts.
  • Sail only. (This means just the sail in the bag. No frame, line or handles.)

Flying Smiles has the following styles in stock and ready to ship:

  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ON WEBSITE GRAPHICS: We have used one graphic per color option to show you color placement. There will be variables on how many vents are placed and where on the kite depending on the specific kite you have selected.
  • Ash for Ultra Light conditions. Note - these share the same graphics as the Full Sail with the exception of the vent on the trailing edge. 
  • Full sail For light winds with lower spill vent added for smooth transition in reverse and inverted flight.
  • Vent For Medium to Strong winds with lower spill vent for smooth transition in reverse. 

Do you need a frame for your kite? A skyshark frame for this kite can be added to your package for $50. Click here to get to the frames page where you can order a frame for your kite. If you don't know which frame to order, please contact us and we'll help you out!

Also, if you need lines and handles, you'll find them here!