Cube Puzzler Pro


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Can you build a cube from the 6 colorful, ball-shaped puzzle pieces? Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge! Cube Puzzler Pro's case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game and solve the challenges. The game includes 80 real 3D-challenges and a challenge booklet with solutions.
  • Fun STEM Skills - Build a Colorful 3D Cube with challenges that range from easy to expert
  • Coding skills: More than a brainteaser - features 80 unique 3D Challenges that force players to see the bigger picture before solving the puzzle
  • Attractive 3D Game Board: Perfect for on the go fun, or displaying on your coffee table.
  • Portable and Travel-Friendly: Travels in a small cube that fits in suitcases and purses.
  • Cognitive Skills: Solutions draw on Spatial Insight, Problem-Solving and Planning Skills