Classic iFlite

Patrick Tan

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iFlites make indoor flying a breeze

Flying in small spaces is more than possible; it’s fun! Patrick Tan designed the iFlite to fly in his living room, which he does regularly. The iFlite makes it easy to fly indoors. What a great way to relieve cabin fever when it’s cold or rainy outside. All iFlites are made, numbered and signed by Patrick. Made of micro-carbon rods and a polyethylene sail. The big iFlite II is best for experienced fliers. It rewards the slightest touch with slow forward motion and incredibly long glides. 2'-7" x 1'-5". 6 grams. 19" plastic tube case. Use thread, 20-lb. braided Dacron or 50-lb. Spectra line.

Assorted colors available. Contact us for colors available at time of purchase!